Terms of use

Basic definition

The Terms of Business define the manner of use and the conditions under which the contents of the BIM Prostor website are available to registered users. Any access / use of the BIM Prostor website implies unconditional agreement with the conditions stated here, otherwise you cannot use the BIM Prostor website. The BIM Prostor website is edited and managed by the company iPROSTOR d.o.o., Podvine 36, 1410 Zagorje ob Savi.

Registration and personal data

To access the use of BIM Prostor website data, the user must disclose their identity. It ensures the truthfulness and accuracy of information about yourself, your function and the activities of your company. The editor and operator of the website iPROSTOR d.o.o. will use and protect the personal data thus obtained in accordance with the applicable legislation in the Republic of Slovenia. For business purposes, the BIM Prostor website is intended for legal entities only. Each user account may only be used by a registered person (via his or her name and email address) and may not be shared or transferred to others.

Copyright, use of data

The contents of the BIM Prostor website may not be used for publication on another website. If the data or the attached document contains copyright or other legal notices, the user is obliged to strictly comply with them. The contents of the BIM Prostor website may not be used for publication on another website. Any commercial use of the content, especially for the purpose of providing a similar service, is strictly prohibited. Except for use in projects or digital models, direct transfer of content to a third party is prohibited.

Limitation of Liability

iPROSTOR d.o.o. strives to the best of its ability to provide a reliable and secure website for users, but only they should be aware that data security on the Internet and the reliability of the website cannot be fully guaranteed.